Teazled - Gay & Lesbian Greeting Cards

Welcome to Teazled

Teazled is a company whose driving motivation is to pioneer traditional greeting cards for the non-traditional family so that they might also be able to celebrate those meaningful moments, express their innermost thoughts and communicate with those they cherish.


We understand that non-traditional families share the same traditional bonds of love and respect. We appreciate the desire of all people to convey their feelings to those they hold dear. Greeting cards are a vital means of communication that touch lives, as they distinctly identify thoughts, words and actions. They comfort, inspire, celebrate, and stir a vast range of emotions. For years we, too, have felt the void when looking for a greeting card to accurately express our feelings during life’s special occasions only to have to edit the available selection. It is this vacancy that inspired us to create our Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender-friendly greeting card company.


We know the most powerful gift is that of communication as we have seen the hardships caused when we don’t have the words to express our deepest emotions. Don’t let another moment go by.

TELL THEM™... with cards by Teazled.